Karen Glykys

Karen Glykys


“Through my life experiences I am drawn to create work that explores the Human condition, Sexuality and the will to survive.”

I am an emerging, self taught mixed media artist.

I started producing and exhibiting my work in 2017.

My influences and reference points are numerous, and the drivers for my art are vast and complex.

I started my life in the Performing Arts, in Film and Television.

Creativity is my second nature.

Being untrained I enjoy the freedom of being an “Outsider”, it affords me the luxury of stepping outside of established parameters.

I am free to explore and experiment. No one can really tell me - You can't do that!

In 2019 I took the bull by the horns and submitted an abstract painting titled 'Brother Sun', to The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I made the finals (!!), but sadly not the hang.

I still consider it a major achievement; due to the fact that I had barely begun my jouney as an emerging artist, and had only produced five acrylic paintings to that date. This was number five !!!

I am adventurous and experimental by nature, and my Digital PhoneArt Photography is a prime example of this.

TinyEyeProject :
I have been exploring the medium of PhoneArt for three years now. It is a new and accepted form of art and I am totally absorbed by it.

I have very strict control parameters and this has resulted in a catalogue of amazing images.

I am fascinated by how Digital Media pervades everything we do and dictates how we look, behave and perceive ourselves. We have essentially become 'Avatars' and 'Parodies' of ourselves.
Social media becoming an extension of our personalities.

It initially started as a “two fingers up” to photo shop, iMacs and expensive add-ons, and continues to occupy a large portion of my body of work. I enjoy the challenge immensely.

A Persistence Of Being :
Is a photographic series exploring Female sexual energy, it's projections, Feminism and the will to survive.

In regards to the male and female gaze in Art, I have explored this; using traditional poses but also some that are designed to make the viewer uncomfortable - Kiss Me Quick!

This image has been described by male viewers as somewhat challenging , comparing my stance and attitude portrayed to that of a Gun Fighter

This series evolved directly from a major life event in July 2019. When I was paralysed for several months further to a Hemorrhagic Stroke. As I fought to recover I began to produce art that was directly connected to my own physical and psychological experience.

I am also building another PhoneArt project called 'PimpMYPals' which is a collaborative work, where I ask people to submit photos of themselves and I digitally 'Pimp' them.

Both projects are a hybrid of PhoneArt Photography, and Acrylic works drawn from the detail of the PhoneArt images.

I am planning to exhibit both in solo exhibitions in 2021.

My stroke has definitely taken my art to another level and a different viewpoint.

I have been described as an 'automatic artist' in that I rarely mark marks or preliminary sketches, even when working to a brief. I prefer to let my work evolve before me.

Acrylics :
I started producing figurative paintings, and later moved into abstract images.

Recent paintings exhibited include
“Waiting for the Spark”
A metaphorical piece depicting myself in my minds eye. Stranded in the vast ocean of my neurological network.

Sharpies and Pastels:
I initiially produced a lot of figurative and abstract work in Sharpies / Brush Markers and Oil Pastels.
Indeed this is how my journey began.

These can be found under hashtags on Instagram, see details below

You can find my work on my Instagram page @karenglykys,

and also under the the following hashtags :







November 2020


Visions, Explore and Draw online.

Facebook and YouTube
June 2020

The Contemporary Arts Club
(Honorable mention)
June 2020


An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics
Online and in Rochester. Kent. UK.
October 2020

To Begin at the Beginning
The Peter Pears Gallery. Aldeburgh. Suffolk. UK
September 2020.

Art in Lockdown
The Rochester Art Gallery. Rochester. Kent. UK.
August - September 2020

2020 Summer Exhibition
The Halpern Gallery, Chatham. Kent. UK
July - August 2020

The Magma Charter : The Un-ceiling
International Womens Day
Faversham Town Hall. Kent. UK
March 2019

The Waterfront Weekend
St Andrews Arts Centre, Gravesend. Kent
July 2018

The Halpern Gallery, Chatham, Kent. UK
May 2018

The Mud Collective Charitable Hang
in aid of Cancer Research
The Fliipping Frog, Rochester. Kent .UK
January 2018

An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics
Rochester Library. Rochester. Kent. UK
October 2017

The Mud Art Collective
The Blake Gallery. Woodville Halls, Gravesend. Kent UK
August 2017

Contact details : Email: karenglykys@gmail.com

Media: @karenglykys (Instagram DM)

Mobile: 07455142846

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Karen Glykys